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The GrandPrixGames Super League is a AI based racing series ran in GP3 2000. All races are posted on or The series features a comprehensive list of 11 teams and 22 drivers. The series is currently well into its 7th season.

Brief description about GPGSL-3Edit

After three years as GP32k Offline Championship, now, the championship is part of GrandPrixGames Superleague, that has successful organizing GPGSL championship since 2008. Thanks for members of GPGSL; Mal Stoddart, Nick van der Voort, Stuart Ingers and Marko Aleksander.

The GrandPrixGames SuperLeague for GrandPrix 3 2000 Edition is a AI created in 2007 based in older championships for GP1 and GP2. You don't have to drive yourself, the computers decide the results. This AI based Grand Prix 4 league is the intellectual property of

The game used is Microprose Grand Prix 3 season 2000, made by Geoff Crammond. No other grand prix gaming website can use this model without the express permission of the GPGSL members. For more information about the championship, please, read the rules or contact us using forums.

Welcome and enjoy it!

History by Marko AleksanderEdit

The history of GPGSL begins on 2008, replacing W300 championship.

On July 28th, Grandprixgames Super League (GPGSL) officially gets its own thread on and is officially formed. Season 1 starts in October and finishes on January 1st, 2009. It included 10 races, Mal was the race director for all of them, Nick and Marko taken care of the rules and I edited perfomance files. The champion was Phillip Oakley, WCC Minardi driver (the team now known as Van Smirren Motorsports).

For 2009 season, that started in late January and finished in early May), Stu and me joined Mal as the race directors. Governing body of GPGSL consists of four members; Mal, Stu, Nick and me. It knowed as GPGSLRS. Two websites are covering GPGSL, Ryan's GPGSL site and my GPGTV website. GPGSL added a friday free practice to qualifying session and races, team can sign testers.

GPGSL tests team boost system in free practice are added on championship rules, and the GPGSL S2 thread on reaches 100 pages in 52 days, and overall end up having 200 pages. Season 2 had 16 races and prized John Warrington as champion. Team Shadow Subaru was the Constructors Champions.

A longer off season break is made as mdbsnake, who makes a new shape for the series.

Season 3 started in mid July, with 17 races. This season featured drivers and teams boost system that adds strategy to the game, drivers boost and team boost get used in all sessions of the race weekend. Now, GPGSL is ready to start their 8th season.

On September, GPGSL series allows GP32KOC (a successful GP3-2000 championship, made by Rodrigo Vilela) to use the GPGSL brand name for its championship in 2010. GP32KOC renames itself to GPGSL-3 and becomes the sister series of GPGSL. However, it isn't a feeder nor a higher series than GPGSL, just a different one, using GP3-2000 game.

They are two different series, GPGSL and GPGSL-3. And the progress continues!





                                                             Season 7

Nintendo Fox Racing                             JHR Development                              Ducati Turner Motorsports

VTR Racing                                           Red Bull Tafuro Grand Prix                Tyrant Motorsports 

Coca Cola One Racing                          Team Greidanus Porsche                   Revolution Racing

Crash Team Racing                               Lotus SRS Grand Prix                        Martini Paddock Racing*

  • Replace Crash Team Racing after the Performance Races.


                                                                Season 7 Race Drivers

Erick Von Draxeler                                  Ivo Calha                                       Nathan Turner

Marcus Bongardt                                     Tobias Kederer                              Tim Roedl

Marcus De Bruyker                                  Matteo Scala                                 Greg O'Brien

Carlos Rodriguez                                     Eric Moinet                                    Emanuel Domenech

Rodrigo Vilela                                         Ed Greenhalgh                              Michael Pedersen  

Dan Paddock                                           Sean O'Neill                                  Connor Steer

Przemyslaw Kosewski                             Ellen Seys

Paulo Silva                                              Stefaan Seys

                                                             Season 7 Team Owners

Erick Von Draxeler                                  Hans Helmut Wiencke                      Stefaan Seys

Roberto Scandura                                   Jack Hunsley                                    Nathan Turner

Carl Turner                                              Matteo Scala                                   Greg O'Brien

Rodrigo Vilela                                         Ruben Greidanus                             Jake Legge    

Dan Paddock

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